in collaboration with Lieven Musschoot 


The fixture is primarily developed because of an existing demand from the hotel and private sector for a very firm and easy manageable bedside reading light.

Many already existing lights work with a flexible arm, which loses functionality after a while and is not very good looking. We have chosen a fixed arm in combination with an intelligent swivel element. This way we can rely on our luminaire to work properly all the time and to have a clean and solid look.

The second element kept in mind is the addition of indirect lighting. By adding this, the fixture works as two in one. You can use it just for ambient lighting in the room or as a specific reading light.

These two elements are the bedleds features, they can be operated by two small, discrete switches on the luminaire itself.


Additional info & prices:


  • Year 2014
  • Material - Finish Aluminum, powder coated
  • Colours Black, white
  • Dimensions (l) 180 x (d) 30 x (h) 160 mm
  • Client: ZUMI (BE)