in collaboration with Lieven Musschoot

The KALEBAS is a pendant fixture for general lighting applications. The housing of the KALEBAS is made in natural Belgian oak in combination with powdercoated aluminium or copper/brass and varnished afterwards.

The KALEBAS is especially designed to fit high efficient ledbulbs, like OSRAM Classic A60 (or similar), so the only visible thing that remains is the illuminated part. In other words, the fitting & the part that holds the integrated gear is not visible.

KALEBAS comes with incorporated wire relief, thus fulfilling all CE regulations.

REMARK: Although copper & brass are noble elements, they ages a little bit.


  • Year 2016
  • Material Oak + aluminum
  • Colours Variable
  • Dimensions (w)90 x (d)90 x (h)150 - max 1700from ceiling
  • Client TAL Lighting http://bit.ly/2g8RTRS